Lately, we’ve noticed numerous entries in our newsfeeds suggesting that manufacturing could be poised for a renaissance in America.  All the usual stuff:  Chinese labor, supply chain, and energy costs have escalated to the point where manufacturers are seriously looking at “re-shoring”.  The big elephant in the room (that no one is discussing) is the US Dollar and it’s possible demotion from over 50 years as the world’s reserve currency.  Currency is a topic for another type of blog though…

Just about every client that we work with is a manufacturer.  We discuss operations performance improvement with many of our prospective clients.  Here’s what we are hearing from prospects and clients alike:

  • Re-shoring is a current, very real strategic option
  • It would accelerate if the U.S. tax and regulatory environment were more favorable
  • Most interesting:  significant skill gaps exist in the U.S.; both in management and labor

Even companies that have maintained significant manufacturing operations in the U.S., seem to be increasingly seeking development opportunities for their people.  In our practice, that often manifests itself as a joint team of consultants and client staff working together on an improvement project.  Clients say this improves both the learning and development of real world skills far beyond classroom training.

New topic just for fun:  To say that Certitude Group staff are “intellectually curious” might be a bit of an understatement.  We have periodic “staff meetings” where we handle all the usual business topics.  But the conversation before and after the agenda is always pretty interesting and sometimes just downright humorous or stupid.  Recently, one of our team was wondering aloud why the media had not led with the headline:  “Global Warming Researchers Stuck in Summer Ice Pack”?  As one of our early mentors used to say:  “You give ’em books and the chew on the covers

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